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Like podcasts?! Youtube? Nerd out on some history with me and / OR get inspired!

The Vedic World View I am often asked how I was able to stay any kind of centered during my struggles. This is a large part of how. 

The History Chicks These ladies really know what they are doing - so well researched and fun to listen to! Learn about women in history and wonder why you didn't learn this in school. 

You Must Remember This Pretty fabulous storytelling podcast about the secrets and/or forgotten stories of Hollywood's first century. Addictive, fun, so me!

Shakespeare Unlimited Nerd out on Shakespeare like I do with this great podcast from the Folger Shakespeare Library!

The Chateau Diaries This vlog. Lifesaver! It's so inspiring and combines my favorite things: history, historical buildings, antiques, fashion, Europe, travel, community. 

Want to learn dance as an adult? My favorite form of exercise! I have been doing ballet with a few teachers and recently started tap!


Elspeth Kuang at Hollywood Dance Center

Sarah Marquelle Kruger at Studio A Dance

Desire Destefano 


Johnnie Hobbs 

For great gifts or to just treat yourself I highly recommend checking out !! Not only does it have really comfortable t-shirts and sweatshirts with designs of beloved books from yesteryear, but they donate a book to charity every time an item is purchased. Additionally, they do have actual hardback copies of certain classics which when given with their matching t-shirt, make a pretty memorable present!

(and no, I don't get any kickback from them for this, WISH I did!)

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