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About Jen...

Theme Music Clip_PUT A LID ON IT by the Squirrel Nut Zippers

Jane Austen meets Jersey.




"…dead on…"


"…an expressive performer…"

passionate about:

surviving & thriving


creating art



self-expressing through clothes

history & antiques

eating great food

Two well-intentioned parents jumped on the band-wagon naming their first born "Jennifer" deep in the heart of the densely-populated Jersey burbs close to the great city of NY. The child eventually learned to turn that native accent on and off at will. The arts seem to be the safest place for her since she is a walking contradiction. She is clumsy, yet can dance, quirky, yet is poised, goofy yet intelligent. She has strength with vulnerability. Her heart lies in projects where women overcome adversity.
You can learn a bit more about her by reading her Voyage LA interview

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