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Latest News

Added a manager to my team! Happy to be with E/EYC

New headshots by Theo & Juliet Photography! Check them out here!

Honored to be part of Roxanne Messina Captor's The Salon - A Digital Series airing soon and can now be viewed by members of the academy! Emmy noms brewing!

Shot a spot on Netflix's Alexa & Katie and it's now airing!

The Taming of the Shrew with a twist! This show is really FUN and has a message - either come by to just laugh or laugh & think! click HERE for tickets!

My SPRING FORWARD HEALING EVENT is coming up on April 20th! Excited to put this event together and share my story and healing process! 

You can watch all 6 webisodes of LAST SEEN by clicking HERE or going to our FB page!

Excited to announce I will play Gremio in a gender swapped production of the Taming of the Shrew with the Porters of Hellsgate! Details forthwith!

Introducing THE WEAVERLY WAY - It's a passion project of mine about tools to help keep calm, organized, and handle this world with some grace if at all possible!

The LAST SEEN TRAILER is here! Excited to share this project - coming soon!

Happy to say that the new crime-fiction web series, LAST SEEN, will be premiering next month!

On Sunday, 6/24/18, the fabulous writer/actor/creator Mariah Gretchen Robinson and myself are guests on THE SID LEVIN SHOW! Click here for the FB live videos! Or listen HERE. 

Very excited about shooting the project "LAST SEEN" recently! For more info on it check out

the FB page here and once the website goes live I shall post!

In pre-production mode on some cool stuff - more info on these projects to come! New headshots are also in the works. 

True Crime LA - Resurrection! Back at it again performing Wed, Dec 13th! 

Just signed with THE LEVIN AGENCY across the board! Excited about the wonderful team addition - let the games begin! 

Voice-over commercial demo reel is up! CLICK HERE!

Oi Vey! Well, as we stumble through these confusing, challenging times in early 2017,

we gotta remember what gives us fuel. For me one major source of fuel has always been performance. Creative art. So once again, but with a different character, I perform at the Three Clubs in Hollywood on Feb 11th for the 5th installment of TRUE CRIME LA

Because Jen loves to share good stuff, check out the "Jen Recommends" section!

New headshots! The fresh, untouched ones are up in the gallery.


The AHEM! HERE I AM! workshop continues! Check back with more details

as they unfold....


What's that you say?! Another LA True Crime Night?! Yes!! And this time Jen plays a haunting, mysterious housewife. Of course. Click HERE for more info!


Teaching the inaugural public-speaking-for-the-lay-person workshop! Find your voice!


Performing in a truly unique event, True Crime in L.A. on Wed, 9/30!


Participating in the 365 Women a Year Play Festival taking place at Samuel French

on Sunset (Sat, 9/26/15)!


And here's the clip from Chasing Life! 


Check out the updated reel! -done by the great Peter Bean - with even more clips to

come shortly!


Just shot a spot on ABC Family's CHASING LIFE! Will post when it airs!

The lovely little award winning short RECALCULATING can be seen on Virgin Airlines!

You can also click HERE if you can't wait! Jen plays the smart phone, of course.



A past review...

Backstage West said "....The two most memorable offerings are Jason's Grote's "Kawaisoo," with Sabrina Lloyd directing Jennifer Weaver in a stellar turn as a woman 'moving from fetishism to commodity love,' using shopping to dim the pain of an ex already lost to her before perishing on 9/11..."

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